Our New Addition

Meet Morrigan!


Almost two weeks ago, Paul and I made quite a rash decision in adopting a new kitty. The night before, we made a quick stop on the way home from dinner (celebrating one year living together!) to get some cat food for Peach.

That’s when I saw him. This adorable little black kitten. I swooned. He was such a sweetheart and very energetic. Paul, quite nonchalantly, told me he didn’t mind if we adopted another.

The next day I was back and forth between calling about the little black kitten who was destined to be my Lokitty. I was mostly concerned with a possible extra financial burden and Peach. Peach already has some pesky behavioral issues. I wasn’t sure if it would make things worse for her or better….

My anxiety even had me go so far as to ask my friend, Dina, to consult her Magic 8 ball…

I called the woman on the shelter’s business card. An hour later, I was on my way to the pet store to pick up the new kitty. Another family was interested in the little guy, but he had a sister who was identical to him. So I came home with the little bundle that is Morrigan!

Morrigan is named after the Celtic goddess, The Morrigan. She is essentially a badass in Celtic Mythology and takes on many different persona.

She’s adjusted to her new home very quickly and loves exploring every little nook and crannie in here.

Peach was less than amused, but their first interaction wasn’t so bad. It could’ve been a lot worse, really.

She doesn’t stop and is always moving. Unless it’s to finally climb (literally, not figuratively) into bed with Paul and I at night.



We have the same birthday!

Morrigan’s favorite toy is Peach…more Peach’s tail than anything.



She enjoys scaling the furniture and not actually jumping up onto it.

Morrigan also enjoys stealing ALL of Peach’s toys. Ya snooze, ya lose, Peachypuff!




We are so excited to have brought this little energizer bunny home!!! Morrigan has already brought so much more life to our little family. It feels complete.


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