Tis the Season to be Basic


Tis’ the Season to be Basic…


It’s officially Fall. Yes. Basic ladies, it’s time to break out the dark nail polish, scarves, plaid, and boots. Go get your Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes from Starbucks and get ready.

Fall is my favorite season. It’s that time of year where the mornings are brisk and require extra snuggles from purring kitties. Hand-knitted or crocheted goodies get to come out of hiding. The weather is that perfect temperature-not too hot, not too cold. Halloween is coming. Everything smells like clove. I can shamelessly light all of my candles I’ve saved just for fall.

My summer bucket list was a total flop…so I’m going to attempt to complete one for fall.


I’ve never been apple picking. Ever. Instagram is chock full of those adorable photos of couples plucking apples from trees and kissing under them. Ew. Paul and I are more the couple that would be chucking apples at each other’s faces, but still…I want to go! Apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, apple everything!!!!

Bake an apple pie…

With fresh apples from my apple picking trip. I bought a pie dish that is just aching to be used. What better way to christen it then with a fresh, hot apple pie!

Go to a Fall Festival

There are so many different festivals and fairs going on in September and October. I’m not sure which one to go to, but I have to go to at least one!!

Crochet/knit a new scarf

There’s a whole giant bin full of yarn that I haven’t used yet. Those little skeins are just crying out to be made into a beautiful scarf or hat for this season. Let’s see if I can actually finish a project…



Fall is the perfect time to go hiking. The weather is fair and you can climb up to the top of that mountain and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.

Do more yoga!

This goal isn’t very fall specific, but it’s a goal nonetheless. I need to dedicate more time to myself and my practice.

Pumpkin picking

Did fall really happen if you didn’t go pumpkin picking? The answer is no.
Pumpkin picking is a must for me. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it’s just not complete until you have a glowing, carved pumpkin on your porch.


Go somewhere new

This will be easy to complete. I’m going to Tennessee in October! I’m so excited to see my cousin and meet her boyfriend and his son. I’ve never been further West than Pennsylvania so this is sure to be an adventure. Especially since I’ll be traveling with my grandmother. She likes to call us Velma and Louise.

Embrace my inner basic-ness

When I confronted Paul with the demand to go apple picking this Sunday, he suggested we go somewhere in our hometown. First, there are no public orchards in our town so that’s not happening. Second, my response to his idea? “No.” “Why not?” “I don’t want anyone we know to see just how basic I will be that day.”

This girl went to Target the other day…and bought many fall wardrobe essentials. And I fully intend to wear them all when we go apple picking.

I realized I need to show my inner-basic. I love pumpkin flavored and scented things. I like boots. I like boot cuffs. I like scarves. I like plaid. I like cardigans. I like Starbucks lattes.

I am basic, and I am proud.

Dress (torture) my cats into adorable Halloween costumes

Sometimes I forget that my cats aren’t actually mini humans that I can dress in whatever I want. But I don’t care. There are far too many animal costumes available.

Last year, Peach was a shark.

I’m currently torn between dressing Morrigan as a taco and putting Peach in a poncho and sombrero or dressing them up as Olaf and Elsa from Frozen. Decisions, decisions.


What’s on your bucket list for fall?

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