Veterans Gratitude Week

from the Veterans Yoga Porject website
from the Veterans Yoga Project website

It is statistically impossible for someone to say that they do not know someone who has served in the military. And if you haven’t, chances are you actually do.

That being said, Veterans Day is coming up soon (it’s this coming Wednesday!). I never paid much attention to celebrating it because I didn’t really comprehend the significance of it.

Now I do. And if I could individually thank every single person who has sacrificed their life for another persons chance to at freedom, I would. When I say sacrifice, I don’t just mean losing a life. I mean those military personnel who sacrifice their time, relationships, and their own freedoms to protect yours and create freedom for others.

My senior year of college, I did my field research paper on suicide and depression in the military. It was alarming to read the statistics and reports of just how many of our countries bravest have taken their own lives. Most due to traumatic experiences, mental health disorders, lack of support, and lack of resources.

Every day. Every. single. day. 22 veterans commit suicide. When you think of how small the population of military personnel is and you put that number in there, it’s heartbreaking.

Those who we believe are our strongest and most courageous are actually our most fragile. And they need help. Support. Love. Acknowledgement. Validation.

There is an amazing organization out there called the Veterans Yoga Project. This organization provides yoga, meditation, and restorative classes for veterans and active military personnel. It has been noted that these sorts of mindful activities have helped our soldiers immensely.

Here, they have a place where they can learn to open their mind, to calm it, to work through their panic attacks, flashbacks, etc. On the mat, they have an outlet and pure acceptance, understanding.

In order to grow their numbers, classes, and resources, the Veterans Yoga Project needs some help. They want to spread awareness on the issues that our soldiers face when they come home.

During Veterans Gratitude Week, they ask yoga instructors all over the country to provide donation-based classes to raise money and awareness. The instructors who hold these classes are not paid for teaching and 100% of the proceeds raised from these classes go towards the VYP.

At the gym where I work, we will be holding 2 opportunities for you to participate in a donation-based yoga class:

Friday, November 13th at 7pm

Saturday, November 14th at 9am

You can access our website here.

And you can register for our event here.

You can also learn more about the Veterans Yoga Project here. At this link, you can find a map that shows the different locations where there are donation-based classes in your area!

You can help out in anyway whether it involves attending a donation based yoga class between now and Nov. 15th, spreading awareness and knowledge about our veterans’ struggles, donating money to the cause or meeting me on the mat at my gym, you can help.


Hope to see you around. And a huge thank you to all of those out there who have served our country and sacrificed so much. It may not feel like you are always appreciated and cared about, but there are those of here for you.

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