Slackey McSlackslack

I wish I could say that the reason for my disappearance lately is because I had been traveling the depths of Africa in search for the missing link, but it’s really because I’m a procrastinating slacker. Professionally…I belong to the National Association for Professional Procrastinating Slackers. It’s pretty exclusive.

The process to earning my teacher’s certification has been all-consuming…which is why my last post was all the way back in January.

2016 is FLYING by. Faster than I can catch up. My mom says that’s what happens when you get old…time goes by at hyper-speed.

Now I’m waiting to hear back on my transcript evaluation for my teacher’s cert process. It’s a 6-8 week process which turned into a 12-16 week process because of an idiotic mistake on my part. That whole transcript evaluation thing? Yeah, they require official transcripts, and my dumb self sent unofficial ones. Duh.

Trying to remain positive by seeing the wait as time to focus on the blog, like I’ve attempted several times since the beginning of the year!

Stay tuned. I promise to do my best to not pull another Houdini act on you!

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