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Sunday Link Love will be a weekly feature on Life in the Meow. You may have seen similar posts like this on other blogs. Essentially, this a weekly roundup of articles, posts, or video that I’ve read this past week that stood out which I believe you would enjoy too.


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Happy Sunday!


When Less is More: A Primer for Living Simply

Common Mistakes in Side Plank

15 Kitchen Mistakes That Will Make You Feel Like an Asshole


Starbucks Surprised Everyone & Brought This Frappuccino Back for Spring

*hint: It’s my favorite, and I’m CRAZY excited about it’s return!

Online Job Search Guide: I Applied for 74 Jobs–& Then I Landed My Dream Gig

7 Things NOT to Do at Your Bridal Shower


The One iPhone Setting That Will Save All the Data

Shooting Nervous

13 Types of People You’ll Find on Snapchat


#MeanTweets and a Shift in Perspective with Bullying Online

Molly over at Still Being Molly wrote this thought-provoking response to a PSA she watched on online bullying and mean tweets. The video is linked here. Watch the video first and then read her response. I warn you though you might need a box of tissues. It’s eye-opening, heart-breaking, and so incredibly important.

The Grumpy Introvert’s Advice on Friend Breakups

This article…wow. It felt like someone was pulling actual thoughts from my brain. I’m an introvert, and losing friends has never been easy for me (it’s not easy for anyone!). It seems to me that some people have an easier time letting go of friendships that no longer work. I still mourn the loss of friends from over a decade ago and constantly wonder what I could have to prevent the breakup. This was a comforting read to know that I’m not alone.

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