Thoughts on the Orlando Shootings & My Hopes for the Future

Thoughts on the Orlando Shootings and My Hopes for the Future

With many of the recent tragedies that have taken place like the shootings in Orlando, I find myself asking the same questions:

What is wrong with people?

Why is our world like this? Shouldn’t we act a little more “civilized?”

And finally…most importantly, why would I want to bring innocent babies into a world filled with such evil acts?

Paul and I have discussed this question on several occasions. 

Why would we want to bring innocent children into such a dark place? Where violence occurs everyday? Where human beings are continuously persecuted for their skin color or for who they love? Where mass shootings have become the everyday norm?

While it seems that our country is slowly reverting back to the ways of old, I have an alarming sense of American pride. Instead of focusing on the negativity buzzing around our media and social media outlets, I’m choosing to focus on the positive as much as I can.

Yes, people who choose to love “differently” still face danger everyday, but look at how much society HAS improved.

Yes, racism still exists in our country, but look at how society HAS improved.

Change is hard. Change takes time. Humans do not like change, naturally–humans need to evolve to changes. As much as I wish we could make these ingrained ideals and thoughts change overnight, it’s not easy. It’s the unfortunate reality.

We still need to make massive improvements, but again, look at how far society has come in such a short time frame. I cannot possible express this enough.

So, why am I still looking forward to raising a family and exposing my future children to this world?

Because our children will be the ones who make the changes. They will take our society into the next step, into new light, and into new changes, BUT only so long as we ourselves are willing to change.

As a society, it is our job to prepare our children; to teach them the ways and reality of the world.

To teach our children to love without discrimination. To teach our children to improve the things we have already accomplished. To teach our children to be advocates to those who face adversity. To teach our children to love one another because in the end we are all human–we are not black; we are not white; we are not heterosexual; we are not homosexual; we are not male; we are not female.

We are human.

We are humans who deserve respect, love, and kindness no matter what.

Teach our children to celebrate and respect these differences, not shun them because it isn’t “the norm” or the same as you.

Teach our children that it’s okay to be angry, but teach them to channel it into a positive action of change.

It always seems to get worse before it gets better. Hang in there.

I continue to send loving thoughts and positive feelings to those who have been so affected by these recent tragedies. I’m with you.


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