Meet the girl behind the meow: Katie

Welcome to Life in the Meow! A blog with a little bitty bit of everything. This blog began as a means of promoting my Etsy shop, but as I thought about it I realized I wanted it to be more than that. I’m a pretty indecisive person so reading all those tips about having to choose your ‘niche’ when starting your blog just did not fit right with me. I have so much to share that I cannot simply choose one main topic. At Life in the Meow, you will find a variety of posts relating to life (recipes, travel, fitness, health, DIY projects, and more).



My name is Katie; a 24 year old muddling my way through life; trying to figure things out as I go…attempting to make plans, but everyday learning that sometimes I need to live life in the here and meow. I spent my first 19 years living at the Jersey Shore; migrated my way up into the mountainous area of Montclair for college; and finally settled somewhere in the middle in Scotch Plains with my first apartment.


Here, I hope that no matter what your age, living/financial situation is, or even if you prefer dogs over cats (cats rule, dogs drool-seriously though), you’ll find someone to relate to and realize that life is not as perfect as they try to make it out to be in the books, movies, and TV. And that’s okay because life is real. Life is happening right meow. So let’s live and make the best of it.

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